About Our Store

Providence Melbourne is a gorgeous store located in Union Road, in the heart of Surrey Hills. 

The shop itself dates back to 1910 and was originally a butcher's shop in the thriving little village in Melbourne's eastern suburbs.

Leith Rizk and Jan Jacklin opened Providence in May 2018. The historic store had been vacant for several months after the embroidery shop 'Bustle & Bows' relocated after 17 years.  Leith and Jan, who owned and operated Reunion Cafe Dining next door kept their eye on the empty shop.

They decided the opportunity was too good to pass up so they created Providence Melbourne, and subsequently sold their cafe several months later,

"We love this area, we love working with food and we knew exactly the store we wanted to open."

"We spent months sourcing artisan products from small batch producers, growers and makers across Melbourne and Victoria."

"At least 85% of what we sell has been locally made and that makes a huge difference when it comes to quality."

The store is stocked with chef prepared take home meals all made in Melbourne, provisions, an interesting selection of cheeses as well as gifts for foodlovers.  And stylish hampers, now available online, have been launched just in time for Christmas.

Providence will also offer masterclasses, cooking demonstrations and food tours in 2019.  

"For a little store, we have big plans."