Quality Hampers With Style

We"re very excited to launch our range of hampers, just in time for Christmas.

There are 15 hampers in the range, all designed with care.

We  put together a selection of hampers with the focus on quality and style;  and we can assure you there are no pretzels or stale peanuts in our gorgeous gift boxes!

Like you, we've received hampers that look impressive, but when you get past the cellophane, cheap ribbon and all the filling, the actual contents of the hamper are disappointing. 

We've spent a lot of time designing each hamper and carefully selecting products that work together.  We can proudly say that many of the products are made in Melbourne and Victoria, by small producers who maintain strict quality control.

You can be assured when you choose a hamper from Providence Melbourne, it not only looks good, (in a stylish black gift box tied with grosgrain ribbon), the quality of every product is outstanding.

And if you would like us to tailor a bespoke hamper to suit a particular person or budget, talk to us and we can create something special.