Salad Days

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Simple and stylish sums up this hamper. 

The gift box includes a pair of beautifully designed wood and stainless steel salad servers, and the ingredients to put a variety of salads together.

The dressing is a classic combination of Yarra Valley honey, blended with extra virgin olive oil and fresh tarragon. The salt has been hand harvested from the Pink Lake, near Dimboola in western Victoria. The dukkah blend includes sesame seeds, pistachios, hazelnuts, almonds, cumin & coriander, and the Vino Cotto made from premium dark grape must is a naturally sweet condiment which pairs equally well with salads, aged cheese and grilled vegetables.  

A perfect gift for a foodie who appreciates quality.

What's Included:

  • 2 piece Salad Server Set
  • Yarra Valley Honey & Tarragon Dressing by Small Batch, made in Melbourne
  • Egyption Dukkah, by Mount Zero, Victoria
  • Pink Lake Natural Salt, by Mount Zero, Victoria 
  • Vino Cotto Original, by Il Baronello, Melbourne

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