Essential Ingredients

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Every cook loves to have their essential ingredients on hand. This is a hamper for creative people who love to cook and appreciate quality.

Products have been carefully selected because of their premium flavour and we know they'll be well used and enjoyed.

Highlights include Australian extra virgin olive oil infused with pieces of black Perigord truffle, hand filleted ortiz anchovies, premium Equagold saffron threads, and vino cotto original an aromatic condiment made from grape must, which pairs beautifully with grilled vegetables and meat, salads, berries and aged cheese.  The complete contents of this delicious gift box are listed below.

What's Included:

  • Truffle Oil by The Truffle & Wine Co, Australia
  • Activated Charcoal Garnishing Salt, by Small Batch, made in Melbourne
  • Chipotle Chilli Garnishing Salt, by Small Batch, made in Melbourne
  • 2 x teak pinch bowls
  • Premium Pure Saffron, by Equagold 1g
  • Superior Cinnamon Quills, by Equagold
  • Ortiz Anchovies 
  • Vino Cotto Original, by Il Baronello, made in Melbourne 
  • Citrus Medley olive oil by Mount Zero featuring mandarin pressed EVO, lime pressed EVO, lemon pressed EV0, each 100ml
  • Caramelised Onion Jam by Small Batch, made in Melbourne 
  • Dehydrated tomatoes, by Small Batch, made in Melbourne 
  • 100% linen teatowel, by Martini Factory designed and printed in Melbourne 

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